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20mm Thicker porcelain tile

20mm Thicker porcelain tile QD60H4292A

Product Details

    • Item No.:  20mm Thicker porcelain tile  QD60H4292A
    • Use: infloor,outfloor,ouside wall , inside wall 
    • Size: 600x600x20mm
    • Finish: porcelain
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    The 20mm thickness porcelain stoneware tiles suitable for outdoor floors with traditional and raised installation. The 2cm thick tiles guarantee a high resistance to loads and stresses and is perfect for residential and commercial outdoor flooring.

    new porcelain stoneware series (20mm thickness) perfect for outdoor application.

    The 2 cm thickness guarantees a high resistance to load and stresses making  suitable for residential and public outdoor areas. 20mm thickness porcelain tile is frost and fire resistant, it resists to the attack of chemicals and adverse weather.

    20mm thickness porcelain tile combine the resistance and durability of Refin porcelain stoneware with tremendous versatility. It can be dry-installed directly onto the footing, gravel and grass, or it can be laid as a raised floor thanks to the polypropylene supports of variable heights, from 15 to 75mm.  20mm thickness porcelain tile is easy and quick to install and the floor can be immediately walked on.

    The dry-installation method is quick and clean, as it does not require the use of adhesives and grouts. The porcelain stoneware slabs can be easily removed and reused elsewhere. The raised flooring system helps to reduce unevenness of the surface and its subsidence, it increases thermal and acoustic insulation. The gap created between the floor and the substrate allows for the housing of cabling and pipes and an easy inspection.

    The fixed supports represent the quickest and cheapest solution and allow for a raise of 15mm.

    The adjustable supports guarantee a raise ranging from 25 to 70mm and also allow for a further height adjustment after the floor has been installed.

    The self-leveling supports can be adjusted in height from 50 to 75mm and they are equipped with a self-leveling head that reduces uneven levels and means the system can compensate for an inclination of up to 5%.

    Refin recommends raised floor installation at a height no greater than 10cm.