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About is one part of our oversea marketing, Which sell products directly by our internet sell Dept.

There are the reason why we can cooperation:

1.   We have brand: " Neviews Mosaics" "Neviews Ceramics" " Kanton Ceramics""Tilees Ceramics". We have our very nice design products with competitive price for the oversea market . Our main products: Polished Tiles, Porcelain tiles, Ceramic wall tiles, Glass mosaics, Marble Mosaics, StoneBasin and so on.

2.  After about 10 years for Tiles & Mosaics exporting business. We have our professional export team offering good service and honest for all customers. So we have more and more good cooperate customers. And we also know very well what other factories and suppliers have the best products in China. (Different factories have different superior products)

3.   Between long time business and within many customers cooperation. At the same time we visit more and more customers and attend local fair, Now we understand more and more what customers need. Not only the price but also professional service and good quality control, update business info. with long time cooperation And so on.

4. We offering not only our products but also many other factories products. Tiles, Mosaics, Sanitary ware, Tile displayers, border tiles, skirting tiles, moulding tiles. Some factories will have 1-2 series very good design or price but many customer don’t know. We are collecting those info. And offer for customers . We are help customers to buy the best one from China. Also arrange the QC checking quality, Loading containers together. We trying to help customer get more and more business.


Why we establish for internet marketing ?

Because of :

1.  There are many customers can’t come and visitChina. Some customers buying big quantity from China but just come 1-2times per year. They need good and professional service for handle business in china to control quality and collecting update info.

2.  Some customers need to buy but don’t come to china. They need to buy the right products with workable price . But buy from the right company most important !

3. There are some customers from Middle East and some other countries, they need to buy for projects or home use. We can help very much .

4. The cost for other marketing are very high. Like CantonFair. The very big showroom big rent charge. There are not good for long time export business.

5.  From we offer free samples for customers, after customer see the right products then we can start business step by step. Then customer will see what we offering the value for more businesss .  


Any inquires or interesting please feel free to contact us!

Thanks for our export teams, working very well for customers!

Thanks for all our customers give us good suggestion!


Contact Us for more info:

      Franki Lee (Export Manager)    Mob: 0086-13929916799  

     Tel: 0086-757-82567209   Fax: 0086-757-82569690

     Email:     Website: 

     Skype : franki.lee   I am Online Chat Now!

     Showroom 1.  For Polished, Porcelain Tiles, Ceramic Wall tiles

     NO.308  C2 Exhibition Interational Trading Center Foshan Guangdong China  

     Showroom 2.  For Glass mosaic, Glass mixed marble/metal mosaic, Porcelain Mosiac

     NO.206/306-307  C2 Exhibition Interational Trading Center Foshan Guangdong China  

     Showroom 3.  For Natural marble mosaics

     NO.112  C2 Exhibition Interational Trading Center Foshan Guangdong China