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Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tile

Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tile U811M

  • $7.8
  • Grey Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles, Polished/matt/rough

    Depending on the look you wish to create there are tiles within our grey porcelain range which suit a number of preferences. Light, medium and dark varieties are all available, making it easier for you to decide upon the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Grey is considered to be a versatile colour which combines just as well with darker shades as it does with lighter features. If you want to make 100% sure that the tile you are interested in will perfectly suit your kitchen or bathroom layout then it is recommended that you order a sample. Porcelain is renowned for its hard wearing quality and is therefore suitable for commercial properties like shops and restaurants. Due to the low moisture absorption rate of this manmade product, it is also easy to clean and maintain. If you want to receive your grey porcelain tiles in super fast time

    Can make for stairs tiles, skirting tiles, Medallion tiles, border tiles

    • Hot selling in Asia,South America,Middle East, Africa, Australia ,Europe markets

    • Size: 600X600MM; 800 x 800MM 

    Product Details

      Grey is considered to be a refined and sophisticated colour. Not as dark as black and not as light as white, grey is a colour which acts superbly as a background shade and helps to accentuate bolder colours. Our range of grey coloured tiles comprises of both natural stone and engineered varieties. You can choose between light and dark grey colours depending on the design you wish to create. The versatility of grey will enable you to create either traditional or contemporary home decors. Lighting can play a big part in emphasising the aesthetic quality of grey tiles. Spotlights and even exposure to natural sunlight can enhance the look of this colour.

      Grey is a versatile colour and has a range of shades with light grey and dark grey able to create very different designs. Light grey tiles are perfect as a background colour in bathrooms as it allows white bath panelling and black worktops to be accentuated as a contrast to this subtle tone. The elegance of light grey tiles makes them well suited for minimalistic decors where a fusion of only two or three colours is present. Light grey gives you a tone which is slightly warmer than that of white and cream but can still create a soothing and relaxing ambiance throughout interiors. Dark grey colours are less about subtlety and elegance and more about power and presence. For example dark grey in a charcoal shade can provide a genuine design statement within your kitchen or bathroom interior. Designers prefer to combine dark grey tiles with lighter colours for an emphatic contrast. As you may be aware many stone tiles have a natural grey colour. Grey stone cover the walls of buildings in city centres throughout the world, dominating the skyline in sensational fashion. Grey natural stone tiles include granite and slate varieties. Grey tiles are perfect for floors in busy coffee shops as they conceal dirt and crumbs as cleaning on a regular basis during a hectic day is not always possible.

      With a stylish grey colour and matt finish these porcelain wall and floor tiles work well within a range of decors. The matt finish provides floors with a high level of slip resistance. These grey porcelain tiles not only look exquisite in bathrooms and kitchens but also look majestic in dining areas, particularly when combined with wooden furnishings. High quality engineered porcelain tiles are hard wearing and durable and therefore perfect for busy areas in hotels and shopping centres. Porcelain tiles are compatible with under floor heating systems. For modern self builds these tiles are an excellent choice for expansive areas of flooring in open plan designs.



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        (2) No breakedge, no pinhole or black dot in surface, no color difference in one color, flatness ≤±0.3%,water absorption ≤0.1%, anti-abrasion, anti-pollution.

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