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Nano Pulati Polished Tile TPVA007

Nano Pulati Polished Tile TPVA007 600x600mm

  • $6.5
  • Nano Pulati Polished Tiles with a highly polished surface,whiter boday, bigger crystal, more shinning , are a classy and sophisticated option for walls and floors.  Pulati Polished Tiles  are exquisite choice for kitchens, bathrooms and living and dining areas.These Pulati Polished Tiles  are installed in hotels, shopping centers, airports and restaurants throughout the world. They are resilient against stains and scratches. The sleek and smooth, Polished finished an invigorating shine along with an easy surface to clean and maintain.Can make for stairs tiles, skirting tiles, Medallion tiles, border tiles

    • Hot selling in Asia,South America,Middle East, Africa, Australia ,Europe markets

    • Size: 600X600MM; 800 x 800MM ; 1000 x 1000MM; 600X1200MM

    Product Details

         Technical features:

        With the advanced nanometer powder technology and advanced granulation technology, and combining block molding technology, the stereo feeling of bricky face is more outstanding, and the changeable texture is more exquisite.
        Product features:

        Added the translucent crystal materials on the base of the original micro powder technology, the clear and translucent integral effect makes the amber jade more artistic. In addition, the clear random imitate stone texture, produced by using the natural transition between color materials, highlights the vivid stereo effect of the brick which has the characteristics of super hardness, low water absorption and strong pollution resistant. 









          Promise to our friends

          (1) All the products are of top grade(AAA).Have passed the industrial standard(GB/T4100.1-1999) and European standard as the follow form.

          (2) No breakedge, no pinhole or black dot in surface, no color difference in one color, flatness ≤±0.3%,water absorption ≤0.1%, anti-abrasion, anti-pollution.

          (3) No excessive profit here! The price we give you as low as possible.

          (4) If you have any problem during our business, just get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to help you to solve the problem.

          (5)Honesty first! You win, we win!


          1. This is the best tile for hotel lobby flooring, airport, big project etc..

          2. We have many different color and different design in this series. Please kindly check our website.

          3. It's good for house flooring, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring, etc..

          4. Our price is very competitive, and very good quality.

          5. We have many certificates of our tiles.

          All the promise are sincere, just give us a chance to make friendship and business!

           Pulati polished tiles ,Through their compatibility with under floor heating systems, these white tiles are also utilised to stunning effect in bedroom installations. Architects recommend these tiles for large commercial projects. These super white tiles are installed in hotels, shopping centres, airports and restaurants throughout the world. Engineered porcelain is incredibly strong, durable and hard wearing, making it ideal for high traffic areas of flooring. They are resilient against stains and scratches. The sleek and smooth, polished finish provides an invigorating shine along with an easy surface to clean and maintain.