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Super Blackest Polished PorcelainTile TM6001G

Super Blackest Polished PorcelainTile TM6001G

  • $9.5
  • Super black Polished Tiles with a highly polished surface, are a classy and sophisticated option for walls and floors. Black Polished Tiles are exquisite choice for kitchens, bathrooms and living and dining areas.These Black Polished Tiles are installed in hotels, shopping centers, airports and restaurants throughout the world. They are resilient against stains and scratches. The sleek and smooth, Polished finished an invigorating shine along with an easy surface to clean and maintain.Can make for stairs tiles, skirting tiles, Medallion tiles, border tiles

    • Hot selling in Asia,South America,Middle East, Africa, Australia ,Europe markets

    • Size: 600X600MM; 800 x 800MM ; 1000 x 1000MM; 600X1200MM

    Product Details

        Premium Selection of Black Porcelain

        From plain black porcelain tiles to marble effect varieties you have a premium selection to choose from us. Tiles from this range are suitable for both walls and floors and are chosen for residential and commercial properties. These engineered tiles are renowned for immense durability, making them suitable for high traffic areas of flooring. An excellent option for either bathroom or kitchen interiors, these tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. The great thing about black porcelain is its versatility as they can be used to create a vast array of different styles. Black is considered to have a timeless appeal and is one of the very few colours that never seem to go out of fashion. The surface finish of your black tile can determine its overall appearance. A polished finish will help to reflect light, creating a mirror like quality. Matt tiles have a more understated style and are considered excellent as a flooring option.

        Interior designers, homeowners and architects love the colour of black because it never goes out of fashion and combines with a variety of styles, designs and features. This super black polished porcelain tile will create an exquisite contemporary look in kitchens, bathrooms and living and dining areas. It is also well suited for use within bedrooms as it is compatible with under floor heating systems and therefore warmth and comfort does not need to be compromised. Architects recommend these tiles for the commercial renovation of hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Black is traditionally combined with lighter colours for a spectacular contrast.

        Porcelain is an incredibly strong, durable and hard wearing material which makes these tiles an ideal option for the high traffic areas of floors. The sleek and smooth, anti-dirt polished surface of this tile allows it to be easily cleaned and maintained. Property developers looking to maximise the return on their investment install these tiles in houses and apartments.

        For an emphatic look on walls and floors this Super Mega Black Matt Porcelain Tile will enhance interiors through a dynamic and classy aesthetic. These tiles are of extreme high quality and are an ideal option for both residential and commercial properties. Black is a colour that will complement a range of styles, designs and features. Homeowners, interior designers and architects will often combine these tiles with lighter colours for a contemporary theme. 

        In homes these tiles are used in the creation of stunning bathrooms and exquisite kitchens. You can even install these tiles in your bedroom as they are compatible with under floor heating systems. In hotels, shopping centres and restaurants these tiles will accentuate a class and sophistication beyond compare. 

        Aside from the obvious beauty of these Super Mega Black Matt Porcelain tiles they also have a range of practical qualities. They are strong, durable, hard wearing and therefore ideal for high traffic areas.






            Promise to our friends

            (1) All the products are of top grade(AAA).Have passed the industrial standard(GB/T4100.1-1999) and European standard as the follow form.

            (2) No breakedge, no pinhole or black dot in surface, no color difference in one color, flatness ≤±0.3%,water absorption ≤0.1%, anti-abrasion, anti-pollution.

            (3) No excessive profit here! The price we give you as low as possible.

            (4) If you have any problem during our business, just get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to help you to solve the problem.

            (5)Honesty first! You win, we win!


            1. This is the best tile for hotel lobby flooring, airport, big project etc..

            2. We have many different color and different design in this series. Please kindly check our website.

            3. It's good for house flooring, super market, shopping mall, warehouse flooring, etc..

            4. Our price is very competitive, and very good quality.

            5. We have many certificates of our tiles.

            All the promise are sincere, just give us a chance to make friendship and business!

        About Super Black Tiles Made in China:

        2 main shortcomings of super black polished tiles(with nano)made in china:

        1. Color fading problem

        1) Super black tiles made in china, was done by a special raw material which we called "mineral", it is one kind of coal mine. This kind of "mineral" contains iron, after firing from the kiln with high temperature, iron caused more pinholes on the tiles surface than others made from pigment.  We used lucid wax for super black tiles before nano wax appeared, but the lucid wax had no enough anti-stain function and was too much oil. Later on, the nano wax appeared, used for white tiles, double loading tiles, soluble salt tiles and ect., almost all kinds of polished tiles. The same to black tiles also. It was a market trend. Polished tiles without nano treating couldn't sell anymore. The difference of super black nanowith other light color tiles, as following:

         Because of the pinholes on the surface, super black tiles can not use white nano wax to make, if we use white nano wax, the pinholes will get white, we must use black color nano wax to make the tiles, it resulted that the super black tiles after nano wax will be deeper colored than the real tile.  And since black nano wax are made from chemical materials, after laying, if the super black tiles are under the straight sunshine or beside the windows shined by sunshine, it will cause the color fading problems.  

        2)To be very sincere, until now, all the super black tiles made in china, are facing the same problem, not yet any factory can solve this problem 100%. The only difference is the fading case is more or less.  It depends on the body colors darkness, water absorption and the nano wax quality.  

        If the body color is more dark and more close to the nano wax color, the color fading level is less, and if the water absorption of the body is lower, color fading level is less. Otherwise the opposite!

        If we want to avoid the complain from customers as far as possible, one suggestion is: before selling, we must do some instruction to the customer, to learn about which place the customer will use the tiles, if use the tiles inside without sunshine, gonna to be no problem! 

        If the customer want to use the tiles outside, we should suggest the customer to use black matt or black matt with lapato, these tiles will not have color fading problems, color fading is only for the super black polished with nano.

        2. Easy to be scratch

        Actually all the polished tiles with nano are more easy to be scratched than polished withoutnano, for the light color tiles,it is not easy to see the scratch on the surface, but for the super black, especially the pure black, is more easy to see by eyes. This is like: the dirt on the black clothes is more clear than light color or colorful clothes. In the process of laying the super black tiles, need to take more attention and make more protect of the surface. Better to make notes on the cartons also:

        Make notes outside the packing cartons can be a good way, notes summarize simply as following:

        Installation : please note

        High quality polished porcelain tiles.Please grout with dark gray grout product.Do not use in wet or permanently moist areas.

        It is strongly advised that while laying the tiles the surface is protected with cardboard or similar material so no scratches can occur.

        Scratch-sensitive surface - use only for living spaces with light footwear

        Installation of dirt barriers (rugs or mats) required.

        Tiles with Superblack Body are UV-sensitive. Colors may fade from UV-impact.

        Slight color-variation of tiles possible depending on production - this does not constitute grounds for complaint.

        1 main advantage of super black polished tiles made in china:

           Low cost and good black darkness   

        Super black tiles made in china, are made from mineral, not from black pigment. The cost is around 1/4 compare with super black made from pigment (if need to make to the same black darkness). In such a market environment too much high price tiles are really not acceptable by most of the customers.

        2 ways of rectified

        1)  Rectified before nanoprocess

        Rectified before nanoprocess, the edges are look dirty, the surface mirror effect is good, tiles look shiny and transparent. Antifouling effect is better. 

        For the purpose of keeping this good mirror effect and stain resistance for the tiles, we are testing to fix some grinding wheels after the nanoprocess line, can make the edges even not 100% clean, but 80% clean.

        2) Rectified after nanoprocess

        Rectified after nanoprocess, the edges get 100% clean, tiles looking beautiful. But because the rectify process is after nano which need the tiles to be flooded with water, tiles surface flooded with water gettinglittle cloudy and antifoulingeffect is less.

        About the black colored of super black tiles 

        Super black tiles with black colored, means: after polishing but before nano waxing, using one kind of solid black wax, seeping into the tiles body, making the black tiles looked more darker than the original. This kind of solid wax, smelled so strong and very dirty. How to distinguish if the tiles are black colored: using some cleaning agency on the tiles surface, brushing back and force, there is black color will be out from the tiles body if they are black colored, if not, no anything will be out!

        Black colored: super black tiles, are very easy to be colored faded, and faded so much that the color is streaky, looked one place white and one place black, very ugly. Normally do not suggest to buy black colored super black tiles.

        The following Black Tiles is only refer to Black polished nano:

        Matters needing attention for black tile cutting

        1.Black tiles cutting is easy to scratching, please make note to the workers that taking and holding the tiles lightly and carefully in the process of opening & packing cartons, cutting. Especially do not drag the tiles.

        2.Face to face and back to back when packing the tiles, not allowed face to back. If possible, using foam paper between the pieces.

        3.Only packing the tiles in cartons after drying by machine or air.

        Matters needing attention for black tile's laying

        1. Taking and holding lightly and carefully, to avoid the scratching and broken.

        2. Take out two pieces together(face to face) from the carton.

        3. Please stand up the tiles face to face if you need watering them.

        4. In the process of paying, please make special attention to clean the comment paste, bonding agent or other dirty in time, to keep the surface cleaning. Such as any marking is left, please try to clean by neutral or weak acid cleaning agents only after making test for a small area.

        5. In the process of laying, please make special attention to use thick carpet or anything else which can be used to protect the tile surface, for avoiding scratches.

        6. Noneedtoremovethewaxonthetile'ssurfacebeforelaying.

        7. Checkshadebeforelaying.

        Matters needing attention for black tile

        1.Please avoid pushing and pulling heavy weights on the tiles, which can cause scratches and destroyprotective covering.

        2.Clean the tea stains, coffee stains, wine stains or any other stains quickly in case the dirty seep into the tiles body.

        3.Keep constant temperature and humid, avoiding the crack because of large temperaturedifference.

        4.Generally do not use the tiles external, and avoiding long time straight sunshine shot or acid rain.

        5.Do not put things easy to rust on the tiles.

        6.Do not use brush, spades or sand paper to clean the tiles.

        8. Do not use acid or alkaline cleaning agents, if using the cleaning agents sold on the market, please try to clean only after making test for a small area. Normal clean water or neutral washing agents is enough to clean.